How to set up a video conferencing room

Call us bias, but if you’re looking to setup video conferencing in your office for better team and client collaboration, then you will need a video conferencing room.

This is a space in your office dedicated for team meetings and video calling with your prospects, partners and clients.

To get the most out of your video room, it’s important to set up the meeting room to overcome the core killers of video experience:

  • Poor quality connections.
  • Technical setup problems
  • Bad video camera quality.
  • Bad audio that echoes or cuts in and out.
  • A noisy background cluttered with people not in the call and conversations / office noises.

Any one of these can take the attention away from you, and flip the meeting from productive to frustrated.

Luckily, our video room solutions that are outlined in this step-by-step guide can be set up quickly (Under 2 hours), and mitigate and remove all of the above.

Step 1 – Choosing the best space to setup a video conferencing room.

You want to choose a room with good lighting that has space for the table you want to use.

You or your team will likely use your video room for most video calls you take. So make sure it’s comfortable.

Each video room covered in this article is designed to work in different situations. It’s worth taking a minute to read through each solution to find what might work best for your office(s).

Step 2 – Choose your video room for your office space:

In this guide, we will cover the 4 main video room setups, you can jump to each part of the guide depending on what you need using the article index below:

  • 2 – 3 Person Huddle Room
  • 4 – 6 Persons Video Meeting Room
  • 8 Persons Video Boardroom
  • 11 Persons Video BoardRoom

Do you have bigger requirements and need a custom room? It’s worth speaking with our expert team. You can do that here.

The Huddle Room

The huddle room is designed for 1 – 3 people in the office to jump on a video call.

This is great for sales calls, or if an account manager needs to speak with a client 1 -on – 1.

This area doesn’t take up much space at all but has everything needed to hold professional video calls.

Equipment required:

  • A medium-size TV.
  • A BYOD (Bring your own device) station that hosts the call and easily plugs in. Or a dedicated all in one video conferencing device.
  • A small table and seating

This allows for meetings without headsets and wires, while not having the interruptions of the office if this is placed in an open space.

Here’s a great article to guide you on How to Choose the Best Huddle Room Technology for your organisation.

The meeting room

A meeting room is similar to the huddle room. However, the conferencing device is generally upgraded to fit everyone in the video frame.

Other changes are also made in terms of audio acoustics and this setup generally needs its own room. We switch from BYOB to a dedicated Poly X30 VC device that hosts the calls.

It’s worth noting that a Poly X30 that includes the speaker, Camera, Microphone and video conferencing software is generally a lot more cost effective than buying everything separately. It’s all purpose built for create high-grade video calls in this environment.

The Boardroom

A Boardroom is an option for larger group video meetings. Just because of the upsized room, doesn’t mean the setup needs added complexity. You can quickly and easily fit an existing boardroom with high-grade video conferencing in under 2 hours.

The kit required is usually a device such as a Poly X30 or X50, depending on your requirements. Simply plug this in with any display and pair with the touch screen controller that allows you to easily join and start calls.

Check out this article for a complete guide on Huddle Room Solutions vs Conference Room – What’s the Difference?

Full or partial setup?

  • To video conference effectively you will need the following:
  • A large TV display
  • A high-grade video and sound device
  • A well-optimized sound system that doesn’t echo
  • A table and tablet controller to start calls.
  • A Meeting room

All of the above must be of the right size and quality depending on how big the video room is. With a larger room, the entire audio and visual setup will need to be different compared to a small huddle space to maintain a good experience.

If you already have equipment that will fit the space, then it’s a good opportunity to cut costs by utilizing that.

Purchase the equipment, furniture, and installation.

With all the options out there, it can be hard to choose the best equipment, or even know where to begin when choosing the right kit for the right room.

We have luckily made this very easy by creating room packages that include everything from the table and tablet to the audio and video devices.

We also pre-configure all the software and select the right devices for your room and table size.

No quotes or waiting time, you can have your room shipped and guaranteed to perform today.

Installation is included, and optional. Anyone can set up our video conferencing kits in under 2 hours, but we’re here to do it for you if needed.

There’s no drilling, dust, or noise. You can use our room kits in any space of the appropriate size.

If you want to install 1 or 100 video meeting areas, speak with our expert team who can offer the fastest and most cost-effective solution on the market. You can book a call here.

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