Huddle Room Solutions vs Conference Room – What’s the Difference?

What’s the Definition of a Huddle Room?

A huddle room is a small, video-enabled meeting space designed for 2-4 people.

Why are More Businesses Installing Huddle Rooms vs Conference Rooms?

  • No reservations. Drop the stuffy corporate atmosphere! Huddle room meetings fuel spontaneous and creative innovation.
  • Enable collaboration. Collaboration tools like MS Teams enable meetings to be more fluid. As tasks move forward in real-time people literally “huddle” dipping in and out of smaller, pop up video meetings.
  • Ease of installation. Office huddle rooms cost less to install, take less time, and take up less space.
  • Keep remote workers engaged. Unite 2 people in different locations with a branded video room environment that looks and feels like the office. HD video conferencing that delivers an immersive face-to-face video experience builds rapport, breaking down teleworking barriers.

More than likely, you are looking to compare huddle rooms to conference rooms to solve a problem in your business and figure out the advantages.

Huddle Room Solutions Can Solve a Lot of Problems:

  • Not enough space to build a full conference room.
  • Need to engage teleworkers with face-to-face team interaction.
  • Project teams need to meet quickly and informally.
  • Not enough budget for a full conference room, but still need video-enabled rooms.
  • Hugely increased adoption of collaboration software like MS Teams is fuelling the need for more video-enabled huddle spaces to make video calls.
  • Open plan office noise causes distraction and lowers productivity – quieter spaces are needed.

What Does an Excellent Huddle Room Solutions Experience Look Like?

  • Standardised video estate. All your huddle rooms look and feel the same and use the same technology in that everyone understands.
  • Easy to use. Moreover, huddle room technology enables your video calls to start on time with the downtime during the call for technical reasons, as a result.
  • Process-driven. Your company has a company-wide video call joining process that everyone understands and quickly adopts.
  • Immersive. HD video conferencing delivers an immersive video conferencing experience connecting remote workers.
  • Spontaneous. Your team can start a video call without needing to uncouple their laptop and setup again. They simply walk into your huddle room, press a button, and start a video call.
  • Collaborative. The fastest-growing companies in the world (fortune 1000) use productivity software like MS Teams to enhance their meeting experience – they include built-in collaboration features like screen sharing and instant messages.
  • Interoperable. Your team can connect video calls with users on other video platforms (like Zoom/MS Teams/ Lifesize etc.
  • Ideally located. Huddle rooms are located in easy to access areas, ideally between 2 highly used office areas. This encourages collaboration.

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A Direct Comparison – Huddle Rooms vs Conference Rooms

Video Room ConsiderationsConference RoomHuddle RoomComment
Size5 – 50 People2 – 4 People
Huddle room meetings are kept small to fuel productivity and creativity.
FeelCorporate, OrganisedRelaxedThe informal approach encourages innovation.
Video-EnabledSometimesEssentialThe objective of huddle room is to connect teams in different locations or work from home.
PlanningBooked in advanceSpontaneousUnplanned video meetings enable actions to be driven forward in real-time. Using video technology that doesn’t need to be plugged into a laptop further fuels spontaneity.
CollaborationSome collaborationHighly collaborativeCollaborative software like MS Teams speed up decision making by 17% (Microsoft)
TechnologyCan be more complexSimple and accessibleHuddle rooms tend to opt for all – in – one video conferencing solution with smaller, simpler technical footprint.
HardwareMost likely to a bespoke solution from multiple IT vendorsMost likely to be an all in one solution.Due to the rapid nature of huddle room meetings, delays and downtimes to fixed technical aspects must be avoided. Use simple, accessible technology that is user friendly and intuitive.
Video QualityShould be highWith simplyrooms solutions, the quality is highOffering 4K video quality gives an immersive video experience.
Space RequirementHighLowHuddle rooms can fit into smaller spaces that might be even unused. Our huddle room packages fits in any space and can be easily moved.
User AdoptionMedium HighIf the technology is right, video-enabled huddle room spaces can be really well adopted. People loved being able to meet informally in smaller groups. They loved being able to “break out” virtual meetings into smaller, quieter area.
CostHigherLowOur innovative, all-in-one video room packages enables companies to kit out professional video rooms for much less that the traditional AV companies. Our simplyrooms approach has stripped out cost, complexity, and time for huddle room solution.
InstallationCan be more disruptiveNo disruptionMost video conference rooms require considerable disruption to install. Our self-assembly package include all furniture, screen, video hardware and licenses. It requires no frilling or room preparation.
Reduces Travel CostsSometimesYesVideo-enabled companies can avoid 50 needless journeys per year (Forrester research).
Increases ProductivitySometimesYesHuddle rooms boost employee engagement. Companies with highly engaged employees grow twice as fast as those that don’t engage their staff. (Gallup)
Enable the use of MS TeamsSometimes YesYou need to check that your video conferencing hardware is Microsoft Teams native. This means that you can run MS Teams without APIs, codes or an IT guy. Running MS Teams should be smooth, intuitive and not clunky and technical.
Can run Zoom meetingsSometimesYesCheck your video conferencing hardware is Zoom compatible. Running Zoom should be smooth, intuitive and not clunky and technical.
Can connect video calls from other providersDepends on the type of hardware you use.Yes. More likely to use modern video conferencing kit with interoperability built-inCheck that the kit you order is interoperable and can run kit from various different video providers (Zoom/MS Teams/Lifesize, etc.) Al our huddle rooms are interoperable, enabling your teams to video call people who use other platforms.
Engages TeleworkersYesYesA large screen and wide-angle lens with 4K quality provides an immersive and engaging huddle room experience.
Budget-friendlyCost moreYesTypically, you can install 4 huddle rooms for every larger, high spec conference room.
Fit any spaceNoYesHuddle rooms have a much smaller footprint. Your device and screen are mounted on a weight-bearing stand which you can simply wheel into any space.
All parties are visible during the callShould beYesA special huddle room is used. This is slightly curved/tapered at one end so that people in the call can be seen without needing lean backwards or forwards. Huddle rooms have similar number of attendees, ensuring that everyone is visible delivers a cohesive atmosphere.

Our Unique Huddle Room Solutions Package

We offer low cost, self-assembly video rooms as an affordable way to rapidly deploy huddle rooms. All furniture, video devices, interoperability, licenses and 24/7 support are included in one simple monthly payment.

When considering your huddle room options, it is a relief to know that there are simple, affordable solutions available, that are easy to deploy. Our team of experienced AV engineers has used their expertise to strip out cost and complexity. This approach has produced a solution with a huge host of business benefits.

What Are The Benefits?

  • No room preparation is needed.
    • No drilling or decorating. Build your own specially shaped conference table in under 120 minutes. Our simple 3 in 1 video device needs no IT skills to install.
  • Fits any space
    • Our solutions fit from 2-15 people with no installation costs, expensive consultations, mess, or disruption.
  • Enterprise-grade video conferencing hardware.
    • PolyTM  Studio X30 and X50 devices deliver 3 devices in 1 – 4k HDR video camera experience with digital zoom, crystal clear microphone with AI-driven noise cancellation, stereo speakers with exceptional audio clarity. 
  • No laptop needed.
    • The PolyTM  Studio X30 is operated by a touch screen tablet that stays in the room all the time. Consequently, when your team wants to meet, they simply stand up, walk into your huddle room, click a button, and meet face-to-face with anyone in the world!
  • No Technical Expertise Needed.
    • If a video call needs an IT guy to set it up or fix stuff, its too complex, and user adoption rates drop like a stone. Using an all-in-one video device and a simple touch screen interface keeps things super simple.
  • Video licensing & interoperability included.
  • Full support.
    • Included in your affordable monthly payment.

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Talk To Our Experts About Our Unique Solution

Huddle rooms enable you to make great use of your space and power up your team’s productivity. Our Simply Rooms video room packages enable you to deliver an enterprise-grade HD video conferencing within a small budget with no disruption. Speak to our expert audiovisual team today about our simple and affordable huddle room solutions.

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