Simple Solutions for Video Enabled Conference Rooms of All Sizes

Many business owners are considering how they can extend, upgrade, or standardise their video conference room solutions. Video enabled meeting rooms enables instant collaboration, engage remote workers, and speed up decision making.

Disruptive, all-in-one video conference room solutions package

Our expert AV team has innovated a video room package that costs 52% less than traditional video rooms and it’s delivered 89% faster. We use simple video room hardware, delivering easy to use video-enabled spaces.

What are the main features of our video rooms?

No room preparation is needed – No drilling or decorating. Build your own furniture No IT skills needed to install.

Fits any space – Our solutions fit from 2-15 people. They can easily be moved.

Enterprise-grade video conferencing hardware – PolyTM  Studio X30 and X50 devices deliver 3 devices in 1 – Immersive 4k HDR video camera experience with digital zoom, crystal clear microphone with AI-driven noise cancellation, stereo speakers with exceptional audio clarity.

No laptops are needed – Video calls are controlled with a simple touch-controlled tablet, which stays permanently in the room.

Interoperable – Your team can connect video calls with users on other video platforms (like Zoom/MS Teams/ Lifesize etc.).

Affordable monthly payment options – No upfront fees, all video licensing, interoperability and support is included.

What are your video conference room solutions options?

The packages we offer depend on the level of video room components that you need:

Video Conferencing Device Only

If your room is already equipped with conference furniture, you may just require video conferencing hardware to get going. You may have already looked at video conferencing hardware options and be mind-blown by the vast array of options.

Our AV team makes things really simple. We offer the Poly Studio X series for all our video room options.

Poly Studio X devices deliver auditorium level sound quality and cameraman type filming experience, in a tiny, easy to use the device. Our AV team examined the specifications of this ground-breaking device. It was easy to see why 67 patents were filed during its development. For simplicity and ease of use, the Poly Studio X devices win hands down.

Rich room-filling audio and production quality filming without the cameraman.

The Poly Studio Devices come in 2 sizes:

Poly Studio X30 for up to 6 meeting participants

Poly Studio X50 for up to 15 meeting participants

Check out this article and find out Why the Poly X Series Video Device is a Total Game-Changer to improve your video conference experience.


All conference room tables supplied by us are video call friendly. This means that they are specially shaped to taper at one end. They are designed like this to make all meeting participants visible the call without having to lean forwards or backwards. There are no obscured views and everyone can participate face to face.

We supply huddle sized video conference table to seat from 2-4 people, right up to 15 people.

Our furniture is sent flat packed, for you to build yourself “IKEA style”. Your table can be erected without the need for tools, noise and mess within 2 hours. This saves significant cost and time.

Professional Display Screens

We supply NEC video screens. They are widely used, enterprise-grade, reliable, and provide the best warranty protection in the industry. We hold good relationships with our suppliers, who handle any product queries immediately. Displays from 50” to 75” in both single and double configurations.

Simply Rooms Video Meeting Room Options

Single Stand

Video enable an existing meeting room within in 60 minutes.

Includes your All-in-one Poly X30 video device a TC8 Touch Controller to run your video calls with no need to use a laptop, a tower stand for your screen and a screen from 50” to 75”. Fully assembled from £249 per month including all video licenses, interoperability and full support.

Dual Stand

Enable an existing larger meeting room with a dual screen video solution.Includes Poly X50 video device with TC8 touch controller, dual screen tower stand 2 screens of either 50” or 55” Fully assembled from £319pm.

Huddle Table

Optimised video experience – A small, tapered table is designed to enhance the viewing experience of video call participants. No-one needs to move forward or backwards during the call to be seen. This avoids “video call fatigue”.

Your package includes all in one Poly X30, TC8 Touch Controller, huddle table, (with plugs and USB charging points) professional display screen – 50” or 55”. Assembled from £299pm.

Optimised video experience – Your large, tapered conference table is designed to enhance your participants viewing experience. Includes your all-in-one Poly X50 device, a TC8 touch controller, large tapered conference table plugs and USB charging points built-in, professional display screen (65″ or 75″) Assembled from £319pm.

Visit this article and learn How to Choose the Best Huddle Room Technology that is right for your organisation.

Already Have The Screen? 

Why not take a device only package? Shipped to your door, pre configured with your meeting platform of choice. Just clip on top of your existing screen Our remote expert AV team guide you to setup your video device.

Includes the All in one Poly X30 and a TC8 Touch Controller

How do our video conference room solutions packages work?

  1. You order your hardware

Pick from our pre-designed video meeting rooms set ups that include everything you need to get started

  • We deliver your hardware

From there we take over all the hard work and ship everything you need direct to your door 

  • You assemble your furniture

Follow the simple instructions inside the box and set up your room system. No drilling, hammering, or complicated installation required.

  • You auto-configure your software

Once everything is connected up, we help you remotely configure everything to get going

Here’s a blog, How to Choose the Best Conference Room Speakerphone, and find out why it’s a good investment for your video conferencing requirements.

Talk to our experts!

Our AV team have used their years of experience to develop light, cost-effective solutions that are quick to install and super easy to use. Most of our installations use just 1 or 2 AV suppliers. This delivers a super easy user experience and boosts video adoption rates. Single supplier solutions vastly reduce your complexity, support and aftercare requirements. Our team have bucked the trend of complex, expensive bespoke solutions. By stripping out the cost and complexity, we have enabled affordable video rooms to be readily available to companies of all size.  

Talk to our professional team to get started with your video room.

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